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Fire Damage Raleigh

Restoring properties devastated by fires is an arduous task. You need professional assistance in this situation. Fire damage restoration Raleigh is here.

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Fire damage restoration Raleigh

Fires are destructive to homeowners and business owners alike. After the fire is put out, your property will probably suffer from smoke and fire. It also includes flood and water damage from the fire fighters’ efforts to extinguish the fire. Fire damage restoration Raleigh is an expert in fire and water restoration and clean-up, restoring your properties to their previous state. We also remove widespread smoke odor and clean soot from carpets and upholstery with smoke odor eliminator Raleigh.

Why Choose Fire Damage Restoration Raleigh?

You can expect a quick response regardless of the size of the fire. We provide round-the-clock services, including holidays. A prompt response is vital. In cleaning and restoration situations, a quick response is necessary. An immediate response enables minimal damage, including the restoration charges. Water quickly spreads out aggressively in your entire property, including your floors, walls, and furniture. Upon arrival, we’ll start with cleaning and restorations right away.

Water Damage Timeline


  • Water spreads and saturates anything in its path
  • Furniture, walls, and other valuables will be absorbed by water
  • Permanent stains on the carpets because of bleeding furniture
  • Anything made of paper will be warped

60 minutes-24 hours

  • Drywalls will start to break down
  • Metal surfaces will begin to stain
  • Furniture will start to decay
  • Musty odor

Two days- 1 week

  • Accumulation of mold and mildew
  • Door, windows, and studs will start to decay
  • Rusting of metals and corrosion
  • Formation of mold in the furniture
  • Paint will begin to scrape off
  • Wood floorings will start to decompose
  • Harmful chemicals caused by fires might spread

1 week or more

  • Repairs and restorations will cost more
  • Infectious contaminants will be dangerous to everyone affected.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Contact. The process begins as soon as you get in touch with our 24/7 hotlines. Our team will ask questions regarding the size and extent of the fire. And a crew will be promptly dispatched with the essential equipment.

Inspection and assessment. Our team will thoroughly inspect the affected area to check the damage caused by the fire. This is vital for the process of restoration.

Boarding-up and roof-tarp services. Fires can affect roofs, windows, and walls. For security reasons and protection from extensive damage, our team will place tarps on your damaged roofs and board your windows up.

Water damage removal. Water can seep into everything making your regular cleaners have a hard time cleaning them. Typical drying can take up to weeks or even more. But with Fire damage restoration Raleigh the process will only take a few days. We use a state of the art equipment to determine the damage caused by the flooding of water. We pump out excess water to minimize the damage. We can create an environment that is conducive to drying. We take pride in restoring hardwood floors.

Removal of smoke and soot. Smoke and soot can easily kame their way into just about anywhere in a house or building. It will be too late by the time they notice it, resulting in a distinct smell. We use toxic-free materials to clean any surface caused by smoke or soot. Our team will make sure that the entire area is clean.

Cleaning and sanitation. We will clean all of your belongings and restore them to their former structure. We also provide storage areas for your valuables as you wait for them to be cleaned and sanitized.

Depending on the extent of the damage, thorough fire and water restoration and detailed work that suits the original space will be required. After a fire, structural reconstruction necessitates a great deal of preparation and precautions. It is usually recommended that this move be left to professionals due to the potentially dangerous nature of the restoration.

Restoration. We have specialists assigned to take care of your belongings. We can either do it on-site or take them to an environmentally controlled area applicable for repair. We are also ready to retrieve photos, documents, digital forms of data, and so on.

To prevent any extensive damage caused by fire, contact Fire damage restoration Raleigh.

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